Handicrafts and leather industry where there are nume roses stores to choose from, offering varied products of leather goods and garments with recognized quality. The art in the treatment of skin a great importance in this town and is in this town we found numerous design studies that are responsible for the preparation of different supplements using as raw beef skin. Travelers come to weekends to the Ventas con Peña Aguilera to acquire these products.


Topographic relations of Felipe 11 in 1576 says that quarries of this village the stones were removed for the l and the Alcázar of Toledo and that here best throughout Spain mill stones were made of granite and stones were black slabs of funerary uses.

Today even some craftsman who blow of hammer and chisel transforms stone into beautiful works of art can be found in this town.


Notable in this area is also the production of agri-food products such as wine, which a great importance in this land. After discover the world of skin in this town that has a large number of workshops specialized in the treatment of the skin, the tourist can taste the broth of this area. Wines with designation of origin that are sure to surprise the most demanding palates.

Taxidermia Medina

Address: Plaza San Pedro

Phone: 925 418 166

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