Ventas con Peña Aguilera

The town of Las Ventas con Peña Aguilera is located in the center of the region of Montes de Toledo, concretely to 40 kilometres from Toledo. We access it easily from the capital, taking, the CM-4013 to Raven, where we take the CM-4021 that leads to this town after 6 km route. Only 40 minutes separates US from Toledo.

The oldest remains found in the municipal area correspond to the Middle Palaeolithic era.

Sales is located at a crossing of roads spanning the Montes de Toledo, Cordel Segoviano crosses it from North to South through the Centre of the population and her part, westward, the livestock road that links the Cañada Real Segovia with cord from Segovia. Because of this geographical situation and its proximity to the city of Toledo, in the municipality Roman, Visigoth and Arab vestiges can be found.

The municipality has a privileged natural environment, with a fora and fauna typically Mediterranean, so rich that we could well say that it is a nature reserve which features protected species. All that this municipality is ideal for the practice of hiking in different modalities: running, cycling, horseback riding..., using the different ways provided for such purpose.

The municipality has an area of 140 Km2, of which approximately 1 Km2 corresponds to the urban area and the remaining 139 Km2 to the rustic area.

Through this term, both in its urban part as rustic, we can see different monuments, sites and landscapes. Cultural itineraries that we recommend are: town, Cerro del Águila, dash Valley and Valley of the miracle.

We began the visit in the town centre, in it we find the Church of San Pedro Apostol, building of the 15th century in late Gothic style, it highlights its main Chapel, the door of Umbria and the Puerta del Sol; the Hermitage of Santa Lucia, of the fifteenth and beginning of the 16th; the schools, located in a centenary building built by the Town Hall and the collaboration of the Conde Casal in 1906; Calvary monument currently restored, was composed of three wrought iron crosses dating from the 18th century; and the Hontanica source, hosted at the foot of a large stone.

From the town we went to the Cerro del Águila. On the road that leads to it we find the penalty of las Cruces and next to this laundry Valdecuervo, composed of 28 battery and a well of granite whose function was only sanitary and hygienic. We continue our tour to the Hermitage of the Virgin del Águila, from the 16th century and the fountain of the Virgin, possible Roman nymphaeum. Already at the top of the Hill "Lily", we find a wind mill built in 1872, which invites us to enjoy wonderful views of the adjoining villages and above all, the extraordinary landscape offered by the Montes de Toledo. On the outskirts, an Acropolis tells US that here was one of the oldest settlements of the sales.

They call attention the penalty of the cover and Peña del Águila, curious granite rocks shaped by water, ice and wind effect that are rounding them giving rise to crags, Rocky and whimsical rocks. It also emphasizes the penalty of thread, called thus because to look at it it seems to be based of this size. Next to this last sentence, we find the cave of el Gallo in whose interior was discovered a cave painting of a bovid with aurignacian typology.

We continue the visit to the Valle del Chorrito, former location of Peña Aguilera, in which the remains of Paleolithic, Neolithic, calcoliticos, Romans, Visigoths and Arabs coexist in space, make this Valley a magical and enigmatic place.

Junto a la entrada del Chorrito se sitúa una posible Basílica Paleocristiana y una piedra con un característico surco cuadrangular. Paseando por el valle podremos descubrir restos de una Acrópolis y de una Necrópolis Visigoda. En este valle también se encuentra la Torre de los Moros, torre principal del conjunto musulmán construido entre los siglos X y XI; junto a la torre, se han encontrado restos de edificaciones de lo que en su día fue una posible Villa Hispano-Romana o Hispano-Visigoda y una Cista Dolménica.

Saliendo del Municipio, por el Cordel Segoviano, en dirección a la provincia de Ciudad Real cruzando los Montes de Toledo por el Puerto del Milagro nos encontramos con el Valle del Milagro donde se ubican los restos del Castillo y la Ermita del Milagro, enlazando con una de las reservas naturales mas importantes de Castilla La Mancha y de España, el Parque Nacional de Cabañeros.

Of sales can not forget so varied and rich gastronomy, based on the typical dishes of the cuisine Highlands, deer in its different forms, Partridge, crumbs, as well as the production of agri-food products.

Also worthy of mention is the craftsmanship of leather, stone, taxidermy, forging, etc. which is the hallmark of the municipality.

Data of interest of Ventas con Peña Aguilera

  • Town hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 418 002

Holidays at Ventas con Peña aguilera

  • "Virgen del Águila o conocida popularmente como Fiesta del Arroz con leche" (From the Domingo de Pascua next Tuesday)
  • "Virgen del Milagro" (Pilgrimage the first week-end of September)
  • "Nuestra Señora del Águila" (Patron Saint of 23 to 27 September)
  • "Santa Lucía" (December 13, the night of the 12 bonfires are made)

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