Castle fortress of San Martín de Montalbán.

Although its origin is Muslim, it is believed that it became more important after the taking of the city of Toledo by Alfonso VI in 1085. Later, the fortress belonged to the order military of Santa Maria de Valdelmec, being donated by Alfonso VII, in 1197, to the order of the guardians of the Temple of Jerusalem, known as the Knights Templar.This castle became a fortress which defended a wide territory. After the disappearance of the Templars, at the beginning of the 14th century; the Castle passed to be conceived as a jurisdictional Lordship of Don Alfonso Fernández Coronel. Later, he became at the hands of Álvaro de Luna and then family Téllez Girón, Condes de Montalbán.

Parish Church of San Andrés

This temple was built in the early 17TH century over another of the 13th century, which has only been Roman features stone tower. The current was designed by Horge Manuel Theotocopulus, son of the Gerco, engineer who also designed the city of Toledo. Although the exterior is octagonal interior preserves romantic Vault-shaped plant.

iglesia san andres 2

Parish Church of San Andrés

Hermitage of Santa María de Melque

The Ermitade Santa María de Melque was built in the 7th century (possibly a Roman villa). The construction techniques employed are a clear late Roman influence, but its plant, in the form of a Greek cross and the few details decorative, makes us remember other constructions of Byzantine origin. Santa María de Melque is the best preserved Visigothic Temple of the Iberian Peninsula of Western Europe.

Next to the temple is the center of interpretation Santa María de Melque featuring a different material to understand the passage through the history of this impressive monument.

Roman bridge "La Canasta"

It is the best preserved give it that was a Roman road. The construction of this bridge allowed to save the river Torcón in a place of great beauty Rocky.

puenteromano canasta

Roman bridge "La Canasta".

Data of interest of San Martín de Montalbán

Holidays at San Martín de Montalbán

  • "San Sebastián" (Local holiday, January 20)
  • "Santísimo Cristo de la Luz" (Fiesta Patronal, first weekend in may)
  • "Fiesta del Ausente" (Patron Saint, August 15)
  • "San Andrés" (Local celebration, 30 November)

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