Curato House and Town Hall

Belonging to the 20th century, it is u na shows historicist style. The parish house was restored to welcome today the Town Hall offices.

Parroquia de San Bartolomé Apóstol

This municipality has a particular Church that surprises us with a difficult high-quality cassette inside.

iglesia san bartolome abiertas

Parish Church of San Bartolomé de las Abiertas.

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Data of interest of Bartolomé de las Abiertas

Holidays at Bartolomé de las Abiertas

  • "San Blas" (3 February)
  • "Baile de la Pera" Celebrations Patronal Saint, 24 and 25 August)
  • "Cocido popular" (The pillar bridge)
  • "Matanza popular" (on December 6. Day of the Constitution)

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