It is formed by taking the city of Toledo Alfonso VI in 1085, but reaction koubba reconquisto soon the whole area. In 1115 he refers to first Polan, already that a so-called mozarab Domingo Absemalec possessed in inheritance a quarter of the total, while other, called Miguel Azarafi owned the rest, that is, three-fourths. This gave 46 people two thirds of your property so they poblasen the land, turning it into a village.

In 1248, the Maestre de Calatrava denounces before the King Fernando III, ".. .that the mayors of Toledo do intrusionismo in his inheritance of Polan...", that is a part of Polan still had legal and administrative unit of the city of Toledo and in 1249 resolves the conflict, since the mayors give quarter missing the order of Calatrava.

Data of interest of Polán

Holidays at Polàn

  • "Fiesta de la Candelaria" (February 2)
  • "Virgen de la Soledad" (Festivals of the brotherhood, second Sunday in may)
  • "San Pedro y San Pablo" (Celebrations Patron Saint, June 28)
  • "Cristo de la Cruz Acuestas" (Celebrations of the brotherhood, second weekend in September)
  • Mayo-Junio: Cultural conferences.

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