The date of founding of this town, is not known with accuracy although it is known with certainty that it was reconquered as a result of the taking of Toledo by Alfonso VI. Despite this, there are authors who placed the first references written in the 10th century.

In 1150, in a letter from Alfonso VII to the order of St. John, cited the towns of Bogue and the old BlackBerry; that seems to indicate that there are two nearby towns with that name. This old would be that persists today, and the new, would be located in the vicinity of the castle of La Peña Negra.

Mora was finally occupied by Alfonso VII in 1144, not going to lose. Alfonso VIII granted the village of Mora to the order are Santiago March 23, 1171; coming to be the first donation that makes this order in the Kingdom of Toledo.

With the repopulation, in Concord between the orders of Santiago and San Juan, in 1237, it speaks of Mora and Yegros, with the latter being an important des medieval village. In the 16th century, being Commander of Mora don Antonio de Córdoba, Felipe II obtained the segregation of the villa of the order of Santiago, selling it with Castle, vassals and jurisdiction to don Francisco de Rojas, neighbor of Toledo and its City Council Alderman, to unite with his house and estate. Philip III granted in 1602, don Francisco de Rojas and Guevara, the title of count of Mora.

Data of interest of Mora

Holidays at Mora

  • "Fiesta del Olivo" (Declared a Festival of Regional tourist interest, last Sunday of April)
  • "Santa Ana" (Patron, end of July)
  • "Cristo de la Veracruz (September 14-20)
  • Romería de "Nuestra Señora de la Antigua" ( First Sunday in September)

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