Menasalbas is repopulated by Mozarabic Toledo occupied the area at first then together with Castile and Leon. The population is mentioned in several documents of the XII and XIII century and since all these centuries this territory belong to the Lordship of Montalban.

The largest uninhabited area of Jumela is located in the north of the municipality of Menasalbas and has its origin in the twelfth century and mentioned as a village. In times of Cardinal Lorenzana in the late eighteenth there was an attempt to repopulate the place to try to build a new town on the highest point of the term. However this project fails and people are leaving again early nineteenth century.

In the sixteenth century the jurisdictional roll coinciding with the awarding in 1565 of the title of town was also raised. In 1966 it is awarded to Juan Francisco Pacheco, the title of Marquis of Menasalbas.

Data of interest of Menasalbas

  • Town Hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 407 006 / 925 407 070
  • Office of tourism:
    • Tlfn.: 925 407 031

Holidays at Menasalbas

  • "San Antón" (17 January)
  • "Fiesta de la Encamisada" (Traditional Festival, 29 and 30 January)
  • "La Candelaria" (Feast of The Navillas, February 2)
  • "Romería de San Blas" (3 February)
  • "Santísimo Cristo de la Cruz a Cuestas" (Employer holiday from September 31 to September 6)
  • "Virgen de la Salud" (Employer holiday, on September 8)

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