The town of Mascaraque is located southeast of the Toledo capital, just 30 kilometers away. From Toledo, we take the Highway of the CM-42 Vineyards, turning off at exit 19 Mascaraque, Mora (North) and Villaminaya.

Mascaraque highlight the breadth of its streets and squares, especially the Calle Real (old CM-400) that virtually divides the town into two halves.

The center has a lot of places among which the Plaza del Pinar, where daily a kind of council of elders to discuss the vicissitudes of day and which is popularly known as "the Congress" gathers.

We begin the visit in the center of town. There we find the Castle of Juan Padilla, known by this name because it was originally the Fort House Padilla. Construction of the castle began in the fourteenth century on a house or Moorish tower located in the village. It consists of a rectangular enclosure with Tower of Homage in which are carved three seals of Solomon, and the northern part canvas, also has three round towers in the corners and a rectangular body to half height. It was rebuilt and improved in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Castle we went to St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church, Baroque building of the eighteenth century, it has a Latin cross with a pilastered ship of three sections with arches, transverse and discount barrel vault. The tower, which was built later, has a structure of two bodies with octagonal domed fronts. In its interior, the altarpiece, which though somewhat deteriorated, presents a stunning look.

imagen virgen

Image of the Virgin

Walking through the streets of the town we come to the Chapel of Christs, whose construction dates from the seventeenth century. He is currently assigned to the council for conducting cultural events and to house the Museum Correa de Vivar. The exhibits are life-size reproductions of Renaissance painter Juan Correa de Vivar.

Just outside the village, some old waterwheels on wells that have in some cases more than a century.

We can not fail to mention that the city passes the Route of Don Quijote (Section 8 "From Almagro Ciudad Real and Toledo Consuegra), having a rest area for walkers wishing to make a stop along the way.

In the municipality of Mascaraque with intensive exploitation of olive groves, vineyards and cereals, mainly wheat, barley and oats. This type of crops and extensive terrain clearance allow in outside closed periods, make major championships greyhound racing.

Within the broad culinary landscape of the town, the most popular and tasted recipes are based on typical products of the region such as: migas, stew, ratatouille manchego, gazpacho manchego and syrup.

Data of interest of Mascaraque

Holidays at Mascaraque

  • "San Isidro" (15 May)
  • "Virgen de Gracia" (Feast, September 8)

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