Galveñas Cold cuts

Breeding pigs in Gálvez is an activity that occurs for years. It is one of the main sources of income for our town. The visitor who comes to Gavez can enjoy a wide variety of products derived from pigs of own breed, with the best quality and the secret of years experience. And highlights its back and long traditional chorizo sausage and black pudding Toledo. Without forgetting, of course delja món. Among its specialty is noteworthy chorizo deer (deer).

Extra Virgin Olive designation of Origin "Montes de Toledo"

Olive growing in this area comes from the Roman times, and in particular the Arab domination. For extra virgin olive oil means an oil that has not undergone any chemical alteration in its development, with the purely physical treatment to obtain. A free acidity, expressed as oleic acid, is 8 per 100g. Therefore, this is an oil that retains all its natural properties.
The olive groves of Montes de Toledo is cornicabra variety. The olive harvest is done by vareo system.
It has numerous awards among which are the first prize for the best olive oil with Denomination "Montes de Toledo", 2003, the second prize in 2004 and the first prize in 2006.

aceite de oliva

Artistic forging Toledana

Artistic Forging Toledana charged in this town of great importance is that in this county are the design studio of Roman Sanchez. After a century working with this material can ensure that it is expert hands that are able to go unpublished designs able to surprise any tourist.

If you are in this town be sure to stop by your local located on the Carretera de Toledo allípodrá see a great display of products ELABO Indos with forging that is sure to surprise.
Artisan cheeses El Pilar

If you visit this town can not let the opportunity to visit this home factory where you can sample local cheeses.

Palma Products

If you are someone who is attracted by the sweet pastry to know that this town ade over a great taste have a size that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Information of interest Galvez

  • Town hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 400 150
    • Web:
  • Point of Tourist information:
    • Tlfn.: 925 400 272

Galvez Holidays

  • "San Antón" (16 and 17 january)
  • "San Isidro" (15 may)
  • "Festivities in honor of St. Augustine "(27-31 agust)

Galvez Events

  • "Days of the Tapa Cinegética of the Pig
  • "Fall and spring theater season

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