Consuegra is a town since ancient times, which in Roman times was especially important denominating Consabura territory.

Due to its frontier character, was occupied several times by Arab and Christian history has been linked directly to his castle.

After the Christian occupation of the area, and especially the enclaves of Mora and Consuegra, the repopulation of these lands is produced by a formed mainly by conringente Toledo Mozarabic population. In this company, from the reign of Alfonso VII and Alfonso VIII, they charge a role the military orders, especially that of San Juan in Consuegra.

Consuegra, Cerro Calderico is a key point from which the road from Toledo to Cordoba is controlled via inherited from the ancient Roman road that linked Toledo Alhambra. It is at this high point where in the Islamic period Consuegra Castle, originally a small fort, that after the conquest of Toledo by the monarch Alfonso VI (1085), passed into Christian hands stands. After the Battle of Ucles, the castle fell back into power almorávides troops and eventually to regain Calatrava Alfonso VII and the region, takes this stronghold around the year 1147.

In 1183 the castle with all its terms, was donated by Alfonso VIII to the Order of San Juan, head convirtuiéndose in Grand Priory. This Order will defend the region of the Almohad attacks and from Consuegra repopulate the lands of this sector of La Mancha will be organized.

In 1785, King Charles III created a birthright for the infant D.Gabriel, linking the priory dignity and privileges, giving the mayor the Castle of Consuegra and the provision of the parishes of the towns Archbishop. Thus, eventually it became a priory Mayorazgo owned by royalty.

Data of interest of Consuegra

Holidays at Consuegra

  • "Fiesta de la Rosa del Azafrán" (Declared of Regional Tourist Interest celebrate the last weekend in October)
  • "Consuegra Medieval" (About August 15)
  • "Semana Santa"
  • Fiestas Patronales en Honor al Santísimo Cristo de la Vera Cruz (From September 20 to September 25)

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