From the first news debre Almonacid de Toledo, it is known that in 1086 Alfonso VI donated to Toledo igulesia this villa. In 1129 figure like farmhouse of the Toledo district of Santa Maria Sisla. By letter of Alfonso VII, given in Guadalajara in 1132, gives the Count Don Cabrera Pons of this villa. In 1150 it reappears Almonacir written in Mozarabic donation document and the Guadalaceth stream. In 1176, the king donated it to the Order of Calatrava, with sites of Balaqa and Orta. The troops of Alfonso VIII, way to victory of Las Navas de Tolosa, camped in Guadalacete, on June 22, 1212.

In 1226 donations are made to arzobisco Rodrigo to repopulate the town, concertation the Guard, Yepes and Almonacid to pay a tribute in 1313.

As most emblematic and significant element emphasizes its medieval castle, which supposedly was donated by the village by Alfonso VI to the church of Toledo to its archbishop, passing in the eighteenth century at the hands of the Counts of Mora.