Respect the origins and foundation of Totanes, the information that has come up today is not extensive.

There is evidence that Totanes is cited by a Mozarabic document in 1238, as a farmhouse located on the way to Toledo Menasalbas. This data confirms that his foundation would be prior to the thirteenth century, with a clear Moorish repobladora action, confirming the construction of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, where most of the structure is of Moorish construction.

A pair of data gives us the historiography of this municipality. On the one hand, Juan Canillo and Albornoz appears in the fifteenth century as senior Totanés and secondly, in the relations of Felipe II, is said to D. Hernando Canillo, Commander of the Order of Calatrava and neighbor of Toledo, has Totanes mayorazgo six houses.

meat products

This company with over 50 years of activity has always been located in the region of Montes de Toledo. They produce all kinds of charcuterie products.


This company has cheeses from sheep, goat and cow. Marketed under the brands of Campos de Toledo, Navalmoral and Finance of Don Alvaro.


  • "Santa Quiteria" (21 to 23 May: procession and distribution of charities)
  • "San Juan Bautista" (June 24)

Santa Inmaculada Concepción Parish Church

The church was built on an ancient Visigoth temple in the fifteenth century. The temple has u na Latin cross with three naves, the central nave taller than the side. The mudéjar tower has three bodies. There is evidence that in the sixteenth century and the church was dedicated to what is now its current patron saint, the Inmaculada Conception.

Bull or boar celtíbero

This statue, symbol of Totanés, is the source of some controversy because it is not clear that either a bull or a pig. For the Iberians his sacred animal was the bull and yet, for the Celts pork. The balance tips in favor of the bull as the carpetanos were the busiest people in Totanés and were Iberians.

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