These lands would be repopulated with a population composed mainly contingent Mozarabic Toledo.

The name of this population indicates a possible Arab origin, being the territory reconquered silo late thirteenth or early fourteenth, at your tower or watchtower was built.

Fact to note is the participation of laHermandad Mazarambroz in San Martin de La Montina.

  • Town Hall:
    • Tlfn.: 925 397 502

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive growing in this area comes from Roman times and in particular the Arab domination. For extra virgin olive oil means an oil that has not undergone any chemical alteration in its development, with the purely physical treatment to obtain. With production in this campaign more than four million kilos of olives, Montes de Toledo cooperative has a large presence in the town. An importance is enhanced by its exports at the national and international levels reaching countries such as Italy.

Traditional bakery oven

The tradition comes from the bakery of the town and is a special value that few can boast obraderos between machines with a Roman Moorish oven baking type in all its products. Among the specialties of this workshop visitors can find butter, perronillas, cortadillas, Toledo and a variety of cookies.

  • "Romería de San José" (19 March)
  • "La Cruz de Mayo" (Local festival, first weekend in May)
  • "Virgen del Sagrario" (Festivities, August 15)

Chapel of San Francisco de Asis

This temple has a rectangular main chapel of square plant at the head of the temple. The ship is covered by a flat roof with molded cornice. In the chapel we find a dome of orange average on scallops, with the highlighted segments.

Roman bridge

Mazarambroz also has a Roman bridge that dates from medieval times and has become an extra attraction of this town. The ownership of this building is private. It is about five kilometers from the center of the village.

This element is seated on a square pedestal four steps. It is a neo-Doric column with monolith shaft. On the capital a disc and it is a flattened top. It is the sixteenth century.

Parish Church of Our Lady of the Assumption

Mazarambroz the town also has a prominent religious temple, it is the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, a construction dating from the sixteenth century which has interesting Mudejar coffered.

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