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The existing relief in the Montes de Toledo is given by an alterancia of hills and valleys (formed by differential erosion) and are arranged in the NE…

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Montes de Toledo is a region where nature , culture and history in the heart of Spain adds . A mountain range vertebra throughout the territory and gives it a unique and vibrant character , forged over time.…

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The region of Montes de Toledo, thanks to the great diversity of habitat that is home, meets one of the most interesting and important of all the province of Toledo faunas. It is one of the few places where we can, for example, observed in winter trans-typically migratory species such as the black stork Ciconia nigra, or quite easily individuals of species heavily burdened historically changing traditional uses in livestock management and use of poisoned bait as the black vulture Aegypius monachus.…

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In the region of the "Toledo mountains" are a total 12 protected natural areas that correspond to a National Park, a forms of Flora, a Natural Monument, a river reserve, 4 places of Community interest (SCI) and 4 zones of special protection for birds (ZEPA). Cabañeros National Park, was declared as such on 20 November 1995, previously was the Natural Park category (since 1988). Extends between the provinces of Toledo and Ciudad Real and in its entirety has an extension of 40.856 has. The region occupies a 2.972 has of the municipal district of spring, in the extreme southwest of the territory.…

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In the region of Montes de Toledo are represented two biogeographic provinces, the province Mediterranean Iberian Western (subprovince Luso-Extremadurense, sector Toledano-Tagano) which is occupied most of the territory and dominated the territories of siliceous substrates, and the province Mediterranean Iberian Central (subprovince Castellana, Manchego sector) in the North and northeastern part of the region dominated by the calcareous substrates.…

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