Popular architecture


The popular architecture is the art of building accommodation and ancillary buildings related to the life and work. Their constriction materials are simple and localized in the environment more next. Their design, size, and orientation are conditioned by the climate and the terrain, i.e. that adapt to the conditions of! the natural environment.

It's a pre-industrial architecture, both in what refers to techniques to tools and materials.

This section refers to the rural folk architecture, one located in the field, i.e. exempt from urban centres.

extraccion mineral


Although mining has been important throughout history, will from mid-nineteenth century when an intense activity in Spain starts.
The most import…

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This section differentiated other rural architecture on the one hand, are linked water, and secondly, are buildings for organic production activities…

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arquitectura para la industria

It consists of the set of arquetecturas dedicated to the collection and processing of raw materials or energy and processing for use by man, emprelando technologies used, mostly, renewable energies wild type.…

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produccion mineral


The tile is a way to exploit the clay deposits accumulated by the dragging of rivers and streams. They are facilities composed of several units such as housing, was to store the clay to be worked , large enclosures for drying the pieces, honor for cooking , storage , well with battery , etc needed to be close to the raw material to save costs.…

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portada produccion energetica


Windmills start working in Spain from the Middle Ages and are usually located on the outskirts of the villages on hills or slopes to catch the wind.

Before the invention of the waterwheel, flour mills hand mills were little moved by animal or human power in which a large amount of energy is wasted.…

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portada vias puentes y cruces

This section is devoted to infrastructure serving traditional viability of the region, such as roads or historic roads and bridges. In addition , reference is also made to the crossings or delimiters milestones in many cases remain emblems and inscriptions.…

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portada pozos

Water as a basic element for life , has generated a series of architectural forms designed to facilitate their use. In this regard it should be noted that the municipalities that form the region of Montes de Toledo are characterized by great droughts.

That is why , arising numerous wells , fountains, troughs , washing and wells , distributed throughout the region.…

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portada produccion organica


Dedicated to raising pigeons , buildings usually have rectangular or square, but there are also circular . Its factory is characterized by a masonry base or mud walls whitewashed adobe bricks .…

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portada arquitectura temporal

They are constructions whose function is to support agricultural activities in places away from urban housing.…

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