Historic routes

ruta guerrilleros

The War of Independence (1808-1814) , convulsive period in our history , marks the beginning of the Contemporary Age in Spain . The invasion of Napole…

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ruta trashumancia

Free , cattle moves continuously in search of better pastures. This raises the custom of the biannual migrations. The real cause that forced the cattle migration, supported by the tough topographical and climatic contrasts the biannual change of herds were necessary.…

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ruta guadalupe

With this route called the Camino de Guadalupe Montes de Toledo is intended to inform the way that traditionally , in the act of pilgrimage , the faithful performed from Toledo to the Monastery of Our Lady of Guadalupe.…

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ruta pastor magdaleno

In the thirteenth century , Toledo Ajofrín started a road that began at the Bridge of Alcantara , to take towards the Guadiana basin and Andalusia. Also from this town , then a farmhouse repopulated by Mozarabic , journeyed other cross roads linking the main roads that ran from north to south across the Montes de Toledo. One coming out of Ajofrín Addressing Sales with Aguilera Pena where it crossed the road from Toledo to Cordoba and continuing until connecting with another ancient Roman road near Port Marches , was the protagonist of a tradition preserved for centuries in the villages of the region .…

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