The Holiday of the Cow

Cow Festival, held in San Pablo de los Montes, marks the conversion of St. Paul, patron of the town and is declared of Regional Tourist Interest since 28 March 1994. It has an important role the Quintos, who were the young men who had done military service in the last replacement.

On the Feast of the cow every fifth has a specific role to play, highlighting peculiar characters like the Vaquero, who is dressed in a short dress and hand, simulating the head of the cow carries a long pole topped, one of end, for about adorned with colored ribbons horns. Mother Cochina is fifth disguised as a woman, that plagues young trying to lift their skirts, or Mops, which is responsible for cleaning the cow dung assumptions. The rest of the group plays the leading cencerreros cowbells hanging from the waist that are constructing big fuss.

Cow Festival (San Pablo de los Montes)

This holiday begins the night of the luminaire (January 24), before the day of the Cow night. It is a big fire, located in the Plaza del Pilar, prepared by the fifth round the clock, for attendees to warm up. When conditions permit fifths fire cross the fire; this evening is enlivened with chocolate and subsequent dance.

On 25 January, early in the morning and after the Mass, the festa begins in the Town Hall Square, run by two young outsiders with cowbells, repeatedly interrupting the procession through the streets with the pictures of San Pablo and San Sebastian.

Before it completes hide Mother Cochina for married not find it. After the procession and while people are in church, married, who have left the cow, are dedicated to finding Cochina Mother, The duration of the Mass, is the term they have to find it, if they do they are responsible for "running cow, but will be the fifth those who do.

The "Race of the Cow" is made in the square, viewers are placed in two rows forming a corridor to the council. Is usually chosen as a victim to a stranger, you should not refuse, to which they run down that aisle, being harassed by the attacks of the cow and while the fifth made bells ringing incessantly around, forming uproar. When they arrive at City Hall invite them lemonade and fried plantains and again repeat the operation with another stranger or neighbor.

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