The holiday of Olive tree

Several years ago, there was a tradition or custom, that the last day of the olive harvest campaign that could last two or three months, depending on the harvest, owners of large numbers of olive invited, as many people had participated in collecting the fruit, to a meal in the dining area or in the owner's home, organizing them dancing late into the night with olive branches adorning cars or galleys that had days earlier served to transport the fruit from the olives to the mill, and thus celebrated the end of the olive harvest.

Traditional dances in the Fiesta del Olivo

It was a Moracho and farmer, who took the initiative to celebrate and celebrate the end of the collection of the fruit of a collective, rather than individual as was done, given that elevate the municipality and was implemented in the year 1957 . For the first time local nature and the Olive Festival was held celebrated one desfle bedecked floats and cars, which initially took place in March. Today the festa is held the last weekend of April.

Thereafter gradually Olive Festival was taking hold at provincial and national level, which meant that by the then Ministry of Information and Tourism was granted the category of tourist interest.

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